Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Federal & State


State Board of Accounts, April 3

• The Indiana State Board of Accounts encourages all units of government to develop a plan which will allow your government to continue essential operations through a sustained period of significant absenteeism by employees and public officials.
• Although your unit provides many different types of essential services, the Indiana State Board of Accounts will provide guidance on those positions related to fiscal operations.

#INThisTogether Campaign, April 1

• On April 1, Governor Holcomb launched the #INThisTogether campaign.
• Social distancing is the most important, effective tool we have to defeat COVID-19.
• A growing coalition of Indiana-based partners is committed to equipping everyone in our state with the knowledge and the resources to stay connected and motivated.

State Board of Accounts, March 31

• The SBOA has received numerous inquiries regarding their audit position on whether certain uses of public funds, authorized by the legislature in the Indiana Code, are acceptable uses of local government money.
• In light of the Governor’s Executive Order 20-02, the SBOA acknowledges that during this time of the Public Health Emergency a broader reading of statutory uses of public funds is permissible.
• SBOA provides the following audit position with respect to expenditures by units that relate to addressing the economic burden incurred by citizens and businesses as a result of the PHE. SBOA will not take audit exception to these policies and expenditures so long as a set of conditions are met.

Indiana Supreme Court, March 30

• The Indiana Supreme Court, Office of Judicial Administration release Court Operations During the State of Emergency FAQ
• Filing a petition under Admin. R. 17 is the proper procedure to change court operations in the event of an emergency. Standing orders related to court operations are impermissible, even in these circumstances, under Trial Rule 81.
• Admin. R. 17 relief to alter procedures and toll timelines remains subject to applicable constitutional limitations. Courts are already permitted to use the current procedures available under Admin. Rule 14 on use of telephone and audiovisual telecommunications, which are also subject to constitutional limitations.

Department of Local Government Finance, March 27

• On Friday, March 27, the Department of Local Government Finance (DLGF) released a Frequently Asked Questions resource for county assessors, treasurers, and all political subdivisions regarding Governor Holcomb’s Executive Orders. 

Executive Order 20-12 by Governor Holcomb, March 26

• On Thursday, March 26, 2020, Gov. Holcomb signed several Executive Order 20-12 Further Provisions for Helping Hoosiers during the Covid-19 Public Health Emergency
• The Department of Workforce Development (DWD) has suspended the one-week waiting period that is required before paying unemployment benefits to allow claimants to receive their checks more quickly. The suspension is retroactive to March 8, 2020.
• Hoosiers with chronic health issues will be able to receive a 90-day supply of their non-controlled prescription medication, such as insulin or cholesterol medications
• Medicaid recipients can use their benefits to cover costs of using alternate forms of transportation, such as ride-sharing services, for appointments to see their healthcare providers.
• The Family and Social Services Administration (FSSA) has additional funding flexibility to allow for additional home delivery of meals.
• The Department of Local Government Finance (DLGF) has extended deadlines related to local government finances.

Executive Orders 20-08 and 20-09 by Governor Holcomb, March 23

• Gov. Holcomb signed several Executive Orders Monday, March 23, 2020. These include Executive Order 20-08: Directive for Hoosiers to Stay At Home and Executive Order 20-09: Relating to the Continuity of Operation of Government.
Aim has released a Summary of the Executive Orders
Shelter in Place: Each governmental body shall determine its essential governmental functions and the identify employees and/or contractors necessary to the performance of those functions.
Revisions to the Open Door Law: Public meetings can be held without a physical location for the meeting. 
Revisions to the Access to Records Act: Public records requests may only be submitted electronically or by mail.
Other: Suspends the depository rule for public funds.

Indiana State Police Superintendent Doug Carter has released a letter on the Enfocement of Executive Order 20-08

Governor Holcomb Press Conference, March 19

• Governor Holcomb held a press conference on the afternoon of March 19 to provide an update on the State of Indiana’s COVID-19 response plan.
• The Federal government has not yet delayed the income tax filing deadline of April 15th but payment of Federal income taxes has been delayed until July 15th.
• The primary election scheduled for May 5th is currently still being held but there are discussions underway for a possible postponement.
• All schools, public and private, will remain closed until at least May 1st.
• The State of Emergency will be extended for an additional 30 days as it is set to expire April 5, 2020.
• The State’s application to the US Small Business Administration was approved on Wednesday. Local officials should direct small business owners and nonprofits to the Economic Injury Disaster Loan program in order to apply for low interest loans up to $2 million.
• No residential housing evictions may occur during this public health crisis, however it does not alleviate the tenant’s responsibility to pay rent or mortgage payments.

State Board of Accounts, March 19

• Released a State Examiner Directive on March 19 to provide guidance on the timely deposit of funds and payment of claims during this Public Health Emergency
• Released memos regarding the SBOA Policy regarding Coronavirus and items to consider when developing actions and policies regarding coronavirus

Executive Order 20-04 by Governor Holcomb, March 16

• Gov. Holcomb signed an Executive Order Monday, March 16, 2020, memorializing that day’s announcements. View the press release here.
Public Meetings: See #5 on page 2 of the Executive Order suspending public meeting requirements.
Dining/Bar Closure: At this time, the Governor is not asking local officials to enforce this on their own.
Supplies: Indiana asked for and were granted supplies from the National Stockpile, but DHS has noted they have not arrived yet. Dept. of Homeland Security will update local EMA Directors and hospitals as this changes.


Federal Emergency Management Agency

• Daily Briefing Points, April 2
• Urging local officials to take appropriate actions necessary to protect public health and safety pursuant to public health guidance, conditions and capabilities
• Under emergency declaration, FEMA is authorized to reimburse local governments for costs associated with “emergency protective measures” in response to the COVID-19 pandemic

Additional Items

Hoosiers Serving Hoosiers

  • Service to connect job seekers with ways to support Hoosiers needing direct support services and child care
  • Direct support professionals are needed to provide critical care for older Hoosiers and those with disabilities and child care providers are needed to care for children of first responders, health care and other essential workers, so the rest of us can stay safe and healthy
  • The Family and Social Services Administration is working to link Hoosiers willing to serve Hoosiers with these available opportunities


• Governor DeWine filed emergency rules for complete mental health telehealth coverage

Ivy Tech Community College

• Ivy Tech has closed their campuses
• Offering to re-open buildings in the event your community needs them for emergency purposes
• Provided a list of chancellors for each of the campuses along with contact information

National Commitments

  • Commitments from internet service providers to assist communities
  • Ways Freight Railroads Serve You During a Pandemic