Road Funding

The Time is Now to
Tackle Indiana’s Road Funding Needs

According to an independent study by Purdue’s Local Technical Assistance Program, it would take $775 million annually for the next ten years to bring Indiana’s local roads and streets into fair or better condition.  Hoosiers see this need.  With their support crystal clear, the General Assembly should provide long-term funding to maintain and improve our roads.

The goal: Modernize road funding.

Lawmakers are in the last leg of finalizing a road funding plan. Aim believes the ultimate proposal should: Be a true long-term solution that provides adequate support for years to come. What’s more: The end result should allow equitable access to grants by easing requirements on funds locals must raise to receive state dollars. A 50/50 match can prove an impassable hurdle, especially for rural communities.

Meeting the need of municipalities.

The top concern is addressing the differences in funding provided by the House and Senate to meet the local need. The original House plan provided $315 million. However, the local share was cut to $165 million in the Senate.

Show your support for funding.

With lawmakers entering final negotiations on House Bill 1002, now is the time to show your support for a long-term, data-driven solution.  Hoosiers should leave the session confident funds were supplied to repair Indiana’s dilapidated infrastructure and launch new projects to take the Crossroads of America to the next level.  Our roads and bridges are a vital component of our economy. Find your lawmaker’s contact information here.

What Local Leaders Are Saying

“We estimate that after the work we were able to do last year…that we now have around a $15 million bill ahead of us in order to get our entire network up to an acceptable condition of road work.”  – La Porte Mayor Blair Milo

“Good roads entail greater safety, less vehicle damage, more efficient commerce and stronger economic growth. In our region in particular we have long been frustrated by the state and local infrastructure needs that cannot be met under the current system.” – Angola Mayor Richard Hickman

“I know I am not alone in thinking there is opportunity for improvement in the condition of Zionsville’s roads and roads across the state.  Even with the accomplishments of our Street Department, we have struggled — along with the vast majority of municipalities in the state — to repair, maintain and improve aging or deteriorating roads. This statewide problem indicates certain flaws in the way funding is made available to Zionsville and other communities.” – Zionsville Mayor Tim Haak

“Republicans and Democrats are coming together to address the issue because Hoosiers know that Roads mean Jobs. Economically, how can businesses thrive if their workers are busting tires, and their trucks can’t easily traverse our state and local roads? In fact, 80% of Indiana manufactured goods are transported on our highways and almost 10% of all roadways in Indiana are in ‘poor’ condition.” – Columbia City Mayor Ryan Daniel