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As cities and towns increasingly face massive infrastructure improvement needs, they also see the need to seek outside expertise to manage multi-faceted infrastructure improvement initiatives. Over the past decade, American Structurepoint has risen to the task and provided program management services to several municipalities to develop strategies and help manage multi-million infrastructure programs.

American Structurepoint made its mark in program management from 2010 to 2014 working with the Indianapolis Department of Public Works to oversee RebuildIndy. The City of Indianapolis invested close to $500 million in the program to improve deteriorating roadways and to improve drainage and flooding issues.

Currently, the firm is delivering program management services to DPW, Carmel and Evansville. Read on for details about each city’s program.

Stormwater Program Management for Indianapolis

The City of Indianapolis’ Department of Public Works desired outside expertise to oversee and guide its planned $320 million stormwater capital project program. American Structurepoint answered the call and is currently leading a team of seven other consulting firms working alongside DPW staff to manage the City’s capital improvement program (CIP).

American Structurepoint is providing stormwater planning, design, and construction management services according to the Department of Public Works (DPW) standards to successfully implement sustainable stormwater practices. Our services include CIP development, design management, project schedule management, facilitation the project investigation and ranking process, project priority coding, utility coordination, and a stormwater management master plan update.

We also are involved in construction management, prioritizing projects, developing scoping documents, providing construction inspection services, estimating costs, overseeing the bidding process, and completing constructability reviews. This includes providing value engineering services to looking for ways to uncover substantial cost savings and “right size” proposed solutions.

“Our role is to work with DPW staff to augment their capacity and assist them in providing public service in the stormwater program in the most effective and efficient way possible,” says Mike Massonne, American Structurepoint project development director who is the program manager.

2016 Carmel Bond Capital Program Management

The City of Carmel chose American Structurepoint to provide program management services for the largest capital investment program in the City’s history. The program, known as CarmelLink 2.0, is an ultra- aggressive, three-year infrastructure program to improve roads, stormwater, and drainage, and build new multi-use pathway projects to improve walkability and connectivity within the City. American Structurepoint serves as the liaison to the City administration and the Carmel Engineering Department in managing multiple consultants to deliver the infrastructure improvements on time and on budget.

These services include high-level utility coordination, financial tracking, on-call traffic engineering services, a high-level regional traffic management analysis, and an intersection improvement sequencing plan. The initial 2016 million package, financed via state, federal and local bonds, included funding for 32 new roundabouts, 10 miles of new multi-use paths, and multiple stormwater improvements. It also included constructing a new roundabout interchange at the intersection of 96th Street and Keystone Parkway in which 96th Street will be elevated over Keystone Parkway.

American Structurepoint has provided program management services for the entire program. Key components were the financial tracking of all projects and making recommendations for the sequencing of projects with the intent of minimizing overall user delay during construction of the improvements. Our team also made recommendations for early priorities that would allow for improved detour routes for subsequent projects.

Evansville Program Management

Since January 2014, American Structurepoint has been part of consultant team providing program management support to the City of Evansville Water and Sewer Utility (EWSU) for a $729 million Integrated Overflow Control Plan (IOCP). The IOCP, known as Renew Evansville, results from a consent decree reached with the US Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Justice, and the Indiana Department of Environmental Management.

Renew Evansville is the City’s largest long-term capital improvement program. It spans 24½ years to significantly upgrade the City’s sewer system infrastructure, improve operations, and dramatically reduce water pollution to comply with the Clean Water Act. The goal is to capture 98 percent of wet-weather flows and reduce the number of combined sewer overflow events to no more than four per year.

“American Structurepoint serves as an extension of EWSU engineering staff, “says Herb Butler, American Structurepoint project manager working alongside EWSU employees. “We are here to provide any help that they need in implementing and managing the program.”

American Structurepoint consultants first worked on construction management, developing an asset management inventory/program, and creating program manuals including design and construction standards and specifications. Today, American Structurepoint assists in project scoping, development of preliminary engineering reports, developing construction and design schedules, budget control, quality control reviews, and specification/plan reviews of all Renew Evansville projects. American Structurepoint also is involved in providing information that the City of Evansville will use in negotiations with the EPA to rework conditions of the consent decree.

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