American Rescue Plan:
Corporate Member Resources

Baker Tilly Municipal Advisors

With unprecedented levels of funding available for state and local governments, building a strategic funding plan aligned to your community’s top needs can be daunting. Watch Vicki Hellenbrand, public sector practice leader, walk through the key elements of the plan, the timing for payment and spending deadlines and what communities across the country are doing now to navigate its requirements and strategically plan for the use of the funds.

In the second video of the American Rescue Plan series, Vicki Hellenbrand shares key insights from discussions with clients across the country – what’s needed, what to consider and where to start. Vicki also offers tips on navigating the eligible funding uses, stakeholder involvement and funding plan considerations.

In the third video of the American Rescue Plan series, Vicki Hellenbrand shares information about navigating funding options.

Baker Tilly has also developed this American Rescue Plan funding infographic and published an American Rescue Plan article will help you prepare for funding, understand the benefits of the funding (compared to CARES Act) and gain insight from what we learned from the CARES Act.

Krieg DeVault

Krieg DeVault is committed to helping state and local governments during these unprecedented times. Look for additional alerts from Krieg DeVault as we review the more than 5,500 pages of the Act and consider its ramifications in the days ahead. Read an article from March 31, 2021, titled American Rescue Plan Act Includes Money for State and Local Governments.

Reedy Financial Group P.C.

On March 18th, 2021, the State Board of Account sent out a memorandum in response to the $1.9 trillion stimulus package which includes State and Local funding provisions. In response, Reedy Financial Group released this memorandum to make sure you have the most up-to-date information pertaining to the SBOA’s opinion. Please note that this information does not constitute a legal opinion.