2024 Aim Ideas Summit
October 8 – 10   |    Fort Wayne, IN

We are heading to the Grand Wayne Center in Fort Wayne for the 2024 Aim Ideas Summit. The Summit will be held Tuesday, October 8 – Thursday, October 10. With more than 130 exhibitors, organizations, and state agencies specializing in municipal government solutions, an exciting mix of speakers, over 30 workshops, networking opportunities, and one-on-one consultations, the Aim Ideas Summit spotlights just how comprehensive our commitment is to accelerating Indiana municipalities.

Call For Workshop Proposals

Aim either programs or assists with programming more than 120 education sessions each year. While we have a great internal process for determining the best topics and delivery methods for our members, we can’t do it alone. Your input is an important component of this process.

Aim will offer more than 25 workshops in conjunction with the Aim Ideas Summit, the largest annual gathering of municipal officials. There are two workshop lengths at the Aim Ideas Summit: 1.5 hours and 1 hour. Most workshops fall into the 1-hour category. All municipal members and corporate members of Aim, as well as state government agencies, are welcome to submit proposals for the 2024 Aim Ideas Summit.

All workshop submissions must be designed to be of specific interest to municipal elected or appointed officials. In addition to Aim Ideas Summit opportunities, submissions will be selected for stand-alone workshops, webinars, roundtables, and many other events conducted by Aim, separate and apart from the Aim Ideas Summit. If you would like your workshop to be considered for one or more of these opportunities, there is now a place in the online portal to indicate as much.

All Workshop Proposals Due: 4:00 p.m. (EST), Friday, May 3

Questions regarding this solicitation should be directed to Kyle Lubelski at [email protected].

Aim Awards Program Nominations

The Aim Awards Program honors communities and individuals for outstanding achievement, successful innovation, and steady leadership in municipal government. The program provides Aim members the opportunity to receive well-deserved recognition for their work and offers examples for projects and leadership in other communities.

Community award categories include Placemaking, Program Innovation, and Green Project of the Year. Individual awards of Russell G. Lloyd Distinguished Service, Ivan H. Brinegar Municipal Management, and Financial Management will also be presented.

All Nominations Due:  Friday, June 14

Questions regarding the Aim Awards Program should be directed to Erin Jamison-Koenig at [email protected].