About Aim

Aim is the official voice of municipal government in Indiana. We are a nonpartisan organization that works closely with state legislators on critical long-term issues, as well as key initiatives related to innovation, quality of life, and quality of place.


Our Work Involves


Aim represents municipal government before the Indiana General Assembly. We advocate for the success of Hoosier municipalities as laboratories of innovation, hubs of talent, and the engines driving our state’s economy. We work closely with legislators on quality of place initiatives and have a strategic, long-term commitment to tackling critical initiatives.

Conferences & Events

We host an annual conference featuring state and national speakers, workshops, and a large exhibition. Our education and events lineup also includes webinars, roundtables, a legislative dinner, budget workshops, and so much more.

Municipal Management Institute

Aim offers workshops throughout the year on a variety of topics across the state. City and town leaders can obtain certification levels each year, leading to becoming a “Certified Municipal Official.”


Aim publishes a comprehensive annual guide to municipal budgeting that guides you through the process, forms, deadlines, and inevitable changes involved in municipal budget adoption. Aim also conducts an annual salary and fringe benefits survey,  offering members an opportunity for comparative data to use for hiring and retention purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why did IACT become Aim?

We’d been known as the Indiana Association of Cities and Towns for more than 40 years, and realized we weren’t changing with the times. Aim represented our transformation into a more modern and engaged organization; the branding mirrors changes that we’ve made internally so that we can be nimble and proactive. Read about our new vision.

Q: Who are Aim members?

The largest segment of Aim members are cities and towns of every size from across the state. We also have a Corporate Member program that allows businesses, agencies, nonprofits, universities, and other organizations to join Aim. View our municipal member directory here.

Q: Where can I find information on this year’s legislative session?

Aim is active throughout the legislative session and publishes frequent updates. View our Legislative and Policy pages here for our legislative agenda and other insightful content.

Q: How do I get involved with municipal government advocacy?

You can contact Jenna Bentley, Government Affairs Director, at [email protected] or 317-237-6200 x 234 for some specifics on how to get involved with Aim advocacy.
Here are two general pointers:

  • Get to know your legislators, and meet with them regularly at home and by visiting them at the Statehouse.
  • Read our weekly Legislative Summary published each Friday during the legislative session.

Need more information? Get to know Aim.