Many Members. One Aim.

Accelerate Indiana Municipalities

Vibrant communities keep Indiana moving forward. They’re the centers of culture, arts, and education where Hoosiers live, work, and play. Where entrepreneurs dream of what’s possible and companies bring bold visions to life.

From Michigan City to Jeffersonville, Aim is united by one common cause – advancing the state by empowering its cities and towns.

But a new vision means little if we don’t work hard to bring it to life. We’re going to work closely with legislators on key initiatives to attract and retain the best businesses and brightest talent in our communities. And we’re going to get proactive in sharing our key initiatives and our expertise in municipal issues with journalists statewide.

The time for collaboration is here. Let’s put the pedal to the floor.

Bringing the vision to life

Facilitating transparent discussions

Aim is committed to facilitating personal and transparent discussions between municipal leaders and legislators. We want to work together to come up with the best ideas, craft the best policy, and pass the best legislation to move Indiana forward.

Engaging the media

Our organization has been advocating for municipalities for 125 years, so we know the key issues inside and out. We’re going to be more intentional about reaching out to media outlets and reporters statewide to talk about what’s impacting our state  and how we’re working diligently with legislators and our members to get where we need to go.

Empowering members to share new ideas

While we’ve been hosting events like regional roundtables for many years, we’re going to do everything we can to make sure that these events become not just better attended, but truly inspirational. We envision these meetings as a place of cross-pollination where leaders can share their best ideas for promoting a better quality of life and building a thriving community.

Communicating on digital channels

Weve already rebuilt our website from the ground up. And we have upgraded our app to connect you with the most relevant information Aim has to offer, including instant alerts and a digital roster. As we move forward, we’ll use video more heavily and snail mail much less.

Our Purpose