Budgeting Assistance for Cities and Towns

We’re here to help you navigate the complex world of budget adoption. The links and information on this page will help you with your budgeting responsibilities.

2024 Aim Salary, Wage, and Fringe Benefits Survey

It’s time to complete the 2024 Aim Annual Salary Survey! This comprehensive survey covers basic demographic information, healthcare, time off, and other benefits, as well as specific salary information for elected officials and municipal employees. 

The Salary Survey has been a valuable tool for all Indiana cities and towns. As we head into another season of budget-making, the survey results are useful in providing comparative data for decision making and an in-depth view of what others are doing. The more municipalities that complete the survey, the more valuable the results will be!

Don’t miss your chance to learn more about the Aim Salary Survey by watching the free webinar from March 6. The presentation walks through the survey and process, offers tips on making the most of your participation, and answers any questions you may have. Please email Brendan Bystry at [email protected] for the recording. 


  1. One survey per municipality. While we are notifying all members about the survey opportunity, we only accept one survey per municipality. Please communicate internally to determine who should be responsible for completing the survey. Often, we find it takes a few people to gather the information, such as, your payroll or human resources staff along with the Clerk-Treasurer or Controller. 
  2. Complete the survey online. The survey is completed online via Survey Monkey. Your survey will automatically save, however, you must use the same computer each time to retrieve your responses. You must also click “Next” at the bottom of the page to save the responses on that associated page.
    Tip: Print a PDF version of the survey. The City Salary Survey PDF is available here. The Town Salary Survey PDF is available here. The PDF is exactly the same as the online version. The PDFs will be useful as you gather data and make notes, however, you will need to complete and submit the survey via Survey Monkey using the links above.
  3. Have your salary ordinance on hand. Once you’ve gathered information on number of employees and benefits, the rest of the information should be contained in your salary ordinance.
  4. The deadline for submissions is Friday, April 26.

View a list of frequently asked questions here.

If you have any questions about the survey or are experiencing technical difficulties, please contact Erin Jamison-Koenig at (317) 237-6200 x 228 or [email protected].

For an electronic copy of the 2023 Salary, Wage, and Fringe Benefits Survey, please contact [email protected].

2024 Guide to Public Purchasing

The 2024 Public Purchasing Guide provides a general guide to Indiana’s public procurement laws – specifically those statutes governing the purchase of goods and services. The Guide is intended to provide Aim members with a basic understanding of the procedures surrounding purchasing. The Purchasing Guide is for Indiana’s cities and towns, and for special purpose entities such as park districts, redevelopment districts, and storm water districts established by individual municipalities.

2024 Aim Budget Bulletin

Aim annually publishes a comprehensive guide to municipal budgeting, and each of our municipal members receives a copy of this valuable administrative resource. The 2024 Budget Bulletin is designed to assist city and town officials with the responsibility of developing and adopting a budget. The first section of this publication is a narrative that discusses some generalities of the Indiana municipal budget process, including how to determine expenses and revenues, and how to balance the budget. The text organizes the budget process into the logical steps that a municipality would take to reach the final adoption of a budget. Supplements follow to help with specific components of a municipal budget. All municipalities may not need to use the information provided in every supplement to complete a budget.

2023 Budget Revenue Estimates

The state has released the Estimated Miscellaneous Revenues for Budget Year 2023. This report provides estimated amounts of various miscellaneous revenues for both the periods of July through December 2022 and Budget Year 2023. In addition, the report provides detail on how these estimated revenues were computed. Revenues included are those for which the Department currently has data available to compute values on a statewide basis. Local governments may also have additional revenues not documented on this report that should be considered when formulating the 2023 budgets. Please direct questions to [email protected].

2023 Maximum Levy Growth Quotient

The State Budget Agency has calculated the maximum levy growth quotient pursuant to IC 6-1.1-18.5-2 for property tax levies first due and payable in CY 2023. The growth quotient for CY 2023 is 5.000%. The supporting documentation is contained in the attached file and uses the information released by the Bureau of Economic Analysis on June 22, 2022.