Budgeting Assistance for Cities and Towns

We’re here to help you navigate the complex world of budget adoption. The links and information on this page will help you with your budgeting responsibilities.

2019 Aim Budget Bulletin

Aim annually publishes a comprehensive guide to municipal budgeting, and each of our municipal members receives a copy of this valuable administrative resource. The 2019 Budget Bulletin features process and “how-to” information, as well as formulaic information from the State Auditor and Department of Local Government Finance that you’ll need to complete your budget.

2018 Salary, Wage, and Fringe Benefits Survey

The Aim 2018 Salary, Wage and Fringe Benefits Survey is now available to Municipal and Corporate Partners! The survey provides annual compensation and benefits information to assist municipal officials with reviewing comparative data and creating budgets. The Annual Survey report is a benefit offered to Aim Municipal Members and Corporate Partners. We ask that you do not distribute the results outside of your municipality. Information is based upon data submitted by Aim members and is not verified. For an electronic copy, please contact James Brokaw at [email protected].

FY 2019 Budget Revenue Estimates

The state recently released budget revenue estimates for FY 2019. The information provides factor based distribution revenue estimates for the second half of Calendar Year 2018 and Calendar Year 2019. Estimates are based on historical growth calculations and/or prior year revenues. Actual revenues may vary, potentially materially, from budgeted amounts. Please direct questions to [email protected].

2016 Guide to Public Purchasing

The 2016 Public Purchasing Guide provides a general guide to Indiana’s public procurement laws – specifically those statutes governing the purchase of goods and services. It is intended to provide members with a basic understanding of the procedures surrounding purchasing. The Purchasing Guide is for Indiana’s cities and towns, and for special purpose entities such as park districts, redevelopment districts, and storm water districts established by individual municipalities.