Mayors Institute

Gain practical tools that you can apply to the real-life challenges you face as mayor. Mayors Institute is a high-level learning experience, designed exclusively for Indiana mayors, that we introduced back in 2009. In 2016, we kicked off a new partnership with the Indiana Communities Institute (ICI) at Ball State University that’s helped to make the program better than ever before.

Mayors Institute features a day and a half of highly substantive sessions led by Aim staff, Ball State faculty, and guest speakers where you’re led through unique leadership and problem solving exercises with your colleagues from around the state. Mayors Institute sessions are timely, relevant, and essential, and they feature many opportunities for you to share innovative, effective strategies to run city government.

All Hoosier mayors are invited to participate in the Mayors Institute to achieve certification in this city leadership program. Complete details and registration information are available in the registration brochure. Call the Aim office at 317-237-6200 if you have any questions.

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Participation and Recognition in City Leadership

All Indiana mayors are strongly encouraged to attend at least two Mayors Institute sessions each year.  Aim and the Indiana Communities Institute at Ball State University will award a Certificate of Achievement in three levels.  Achievement will be measured by participation and attendance at the Mayors Institute sessions. Additionally, mayors who have already reached Indiana City Leadership Ambassador status are now eligible for a brand-new level:  Indiana City Leadership Executive.

Certificates of Achievement


Certificate as an Indiana City Leadership Ambassador
  • Attend 10 two-day sessions
  • Press release and article distributed to local media
  • Certificate presented at city council meeting if desired


Certificate in Advanced City Leadership

  • Attend 6 two-day sessions
  • Press release and article distributed to local media


Certificate in City Leadership

  • Attend 4 two-day sessions
  • Press release and article distributed to local media

Becoming an Indiana City Leadership Executive

Once you’ve earned a Gold Certification and have been designated as an Indiana City Leadership Ambassador, you’re then eligible to earn the Indiana City Leadership Executive designation by fulfilling all the requirements in Part A below, along with one of the requirements in Part B.
Part A
  1. Completing six additional Mayors Institute programs, and
  2. Delivering a substantive topic presentation on a panel at one Mayors Institute program
Part B
  1. Delivering one substantive topic presentation related to Part A, No. 2 at an appropriate venue in their city such as a council meeting, service organization meeting, or economic development organization; or,
  2. Delivering one substantive topic presentation at an Aim statewide meeting; or
  3. Delivering one substantive topic presentation at a national meeting of municipal officials such as the National League of Cities or U.S. Conference of Mayors annual meeting Indiana City Leadership Executive Certification Form