Our Purpose

Ever since the 1890s, our organization has been an advocate for Indiana municipalities. But in recent years we knew it was time to evolve.

Indiana looks much different than it did in the late sixties when we first become known as the Indiana Association of Cities and Towns; however, we realized we simply hadn’t changed with the times. We needed to modernize, to reimagine who we are and what we could become.

In 2017 we unveiled a transformation of our organization and became Aim, Accelerate Indiana Municipalities. We’re more vibrant, relevant, and engaged than ever before.

Aim is the official voice of municipal government in Indiana, with more than 460 cities and towns as members. In recent years we have simply reimagined our role in helping to shape the dynamic municipalities of the future – and in making government work better for the benefit of all Hoosiers.

Statement of Purpose

“To foster, promote and advocate for the success of Hoosier municipalities as laboratories of innovation, hubs of talent and the engines driving our state’s economy.”







Putting Purpose into Action

Empowering our Members

While we host a major conference and more than 100 training sessions and workshops each year, we know that building lasting relationships involves more than just workshops, spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations. We want our members to engage each other, to talk about where they’re finding their biggest opportunities and how they’re handling their toughest challenges. Similarly, we want to facilitate honest discussions between legislators and municipal leaders so that there are always open lines of communication.

Focusing on Quality of Place

Quality of place initiatives permeate everything we do. Bold thinking about what cities and towns can become drives our actions. And Aim dives into non-traditional areas to advocate for the betterment of cities and towns, and the people who live and work in them. Infrastructure, funding, and community health remain our key areas of focus.

Collaborating with Legislators

We’re committed to collaborating with lawmakers  and getting involved sooner  on critical long-term issues and key initiatives involving quality of place.

Building Partnerships

We look to build new alliances so that we can dig deeper and broader into issues. When the time comes to effect change, we have already laid the foundation by building lasting relationships built on trust and transparency.

Our Purpose