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2023 Statehouse Report

The top priority for legislative leadership during the 2023 legislative session was producing the state’s $44.6 billion biennial budget. Education dominated discussions, including significant changes to school funding, and expanding the state’s voucher program. Additional funding for public health and mental health was also heavily negotiated between key stakeholders. The budget was largely positive for cities and towns, featuring funding for READI 2.0, public health and a new housing infrastructure program.

In the 2023 Statehouse Report, you will find the collection of new laws that have municipal importance or impact sorted by category. The categories are outlined on the table of contents page. Some bills will appear multiple times because they fall under multiple categories. Most of the laws went into effect on July 1, 2023. However, some laws have alternate effective dates, including retroactivity and upon passage. To view the legislation showing the effective dates, click on the link with the bill number and title. This will take you to information for that bill on the Indiana General Assembly’s website.

Mini Quick Guide: Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Transparency

Attraction of new businesses, the retention or expansion of existing industries, and the necessity of creating and maintaining a quality place where people want to plant roots and thrive are just a few key challenges facing municipal officials. To support these efforts, the General Assembly has provided a variety of mechanisms to enable cities and towns to maintain and revitalize their communities. One of those tools is TIF. A common misconception of TIF is that it lacks transparency. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The Indiana General Assembly has instituted many reporting requirements, public meetings, neutralization measures, and termination dates that make TIF a remarkably transparent municipal finance and talent attraction option. This Aim Mini Quick Guide highlights these transparency measures.

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