Every Action Counts

Like the rest of our country, Indiana’s rise in COVID-19 cases continues to be concerning. As a result, Aim has partnered with two Indiana companies to grow an existing digital message campaign, Every Action Counts. Beginning December 10, a host of digital products are available to help you communicate with your citizens. Aim will provide visual graphics for your social media pages, website, newsletters, etc. 

What: The Every Action Counts campaign uses visual graphics and short message points to encourage the positive behaviors that will help Indiana stem the concerning tide in coronavirus infections. In addition to the established messaging of handwashing, social distancing and masking, the campaign will encourage keeping socialization to a small bubble of individuals, and extreme diligence regarding social gatherings during the holiday season.

How: Aim has sent members a Dropbox link that will be updated regularly with a variety of files. If you would like to have access to the Dropbox, please email Erin Jamison-Koenig at [email protected]. These files will contain still graphics (graphics without movement) for social media, websites, flyers, newsletters and more. You will eventually find sliding images, as well as some attention grabbing animated graphics. A memo with ideas for how to use the pieces will be added to the shared folder as well.

When: Beginning immediately, you can use any of these graphics you want and in any fashion that makes sense for your community. We strongly encourage you to check back frequently and watch your email for notification that new files have been added. Aim will add between 40-60 additional pieces in the coming days and weeks.

Extras: Should you want to add your community name or logo to the still graphics, this will be easy to do. Please send your request, and logo if applicable, to Erin Jamison-Koenig at [email protected] and identify which pieces you want customized. Please note, requesting customization on “all graphics” will add time to your request.

Several pieces have been translated into Spanish. Please reach out to us if you are interested in additional English to Spanish translations. If you need translation into additional languages, we are happy to work with you on editing the files but will likely request your assistance obtaining the appropriate translations.

Again, to request customized files please send your request to Erin Jamison-Koenig at [email protected]. For all other inquiries, please email Jennifer Simmons at [email protected]

Additional Every Action Counts Information: Aim has partnered with the State of Indiana and several associations to distribute this campaign across the Hoosier state. Learn more about Indiana’s campaign here

Key Message Points

The core message of the campaign is: Every Action Counts in the fight against COVID-19. We’re counting on you to make a difference.

This primary message is intended to focus on how every action you take has consequences. When you choose to wear your mask in public and host virtual events, you help keep people healthy. When you choose to attend social gatherings and not stay socially distant, you could be putting people at risk.

In addition to that primary message, there are a few key secondary messages to support the campaign.

Mask. Sanitize. Distance. These three words are often repeated throughout campaign messaging and imagery. This phrase is a shorthand for the most important mitigation measures that we need everyone to follow to keep our community safe and healthy.

Avoid social gatherings. Many recent COVID-19 cases have been the result of social gatherings, especially personal gatherings. In private, people are more likely to not take precautions, like wearing masks and staying socially distant.

Stay safe in public and in private. The only people we do NOT need to take precautions around are members of our household or social bubble. If you have a guest in your home, you should take the same precautions you would in public. We need to mask up, sanitize, and stay six feet apart from everyone we don’t currently live with, including close friends and family.