Policy: Work Together on a Brighter Future

Aim will take a longer-term approach to our legislative efforts. This will enable us to be more strategic – and more collaborative – in tackling the major issues facing our state. We also want to be more proactive in communicating with news organizations and reporters statewide – so we can ensure that everyone understands the critical issues facing us, and so we can find innovative new solutions.

Our Purpose

We’re advocates for the success of Hoosier municipalities as laboratories of innovation, hubs of talent, and the engines driving our state’s economy.

Our Three-tier Legislative Strategy

Quality of place initiatives

Municipalities across the state are taking creative new approaches to community development. Inspired by these examples, Aim will work closely with legislators on quality of place initiatives that not only enhance local quality of life, but also help build environments that attract and retain top businesses.

Operational initiatives

Another aspect of our legislative strategy is focusing on common sense changes to make government operate more efficiently and effectively. By finding ways to make government work better, we’ll:

  • Save taxpayer money
  • Help municipalities become more efficient
  • Make government more transparent
  • Help municipalities focus more on critical areas

Long-term commitment to critical initiatives

Aim will also put a major focus on solving long-term issues such as how municipalities can deal with the financial effects of the tax caps that are now written into the Indiana Constitution.

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Chief Operating Officer
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