Indiana Municipal Lawyers Association

The Indiana Municipal Lawyers Association (IMLA) was formed in 1983 to collect and disseminate information on matters of concern to attorneys practicing in the field of municipal law, promote the continuing education of attorneys on issues affecting municipal law, and provide forums for attorneys practicing municipal law to meet and exchange ideas and professional experience.

Aim now offers CLE Distant Education Credits when you participate in certain qualifying webinars. Watch for webinar advertisements informing attorneys of CLE Distant Education Credits. If you have any questions about whether a particular webinar will qualify for CLE, please contact [email protected]. Distant Education CLE credits are limited. The mandatory continuing legal education rule provides that no more than nine hours of the 3-year Educational Period requirement shall be filled through interactive Distance Education.

IMLA dues are for the calendar year. Dues renewal notices have been sent for 2019 IMLA dues. If you did not get a dues renewal you may use the invoice/application blank available by clicking here.

IMLA 2019 Longevity of Service Award

The IMLA Longevity of Service Award seeks to recognize those local government attorneys who possess the political and legal skills necessary to survive numerous election cycles and represent the same city, town or county for at least twenty-five (25) years. Representation need not be continuous so long as it totals 25 years. Recipients do not have to have been members of IMLA during all or part of that period of representation. A nominee may be a special project counsel that has regularly engaged to represent the same local government entity for at least 25 years. Nomination forms must be sent by May 1 to IMLA c/o Jodie Woods at 125 W Market Street, Suite 100, Indianapolis, IN 46204, by fax at 317-237-6206 or by email to [email protected].

Notice of Additional Fee for Failure to Timely Turn in Program Attendance Certification Sheets Following the Event

The Indiana Commission on Continuing Legal Education has adopted a fee schedule for late applications and attendance filings. If Aim has to make a late filing because the Attendance Certification Sheet was not turned in by the attendee in a timely fashion, then Aim will ask for the late fee before the CLE attendance filing is made.

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