Policy: What We Believe, and Why It Matters

Aim believes that Indiana advances when its cities and towns are empowered. And we believe that government services are best delivered when municipalities self-govern in a manner that meets the needs of their citizens.

The 2017 Legislative Session ended with once-in-a-generation long-term road funding strategy. In addition to the comprehensive transportation bill, Aim’s legislative team was juggling many other issues – some on offense and some on defense. As for the Aim operational priorities, starting in the summer of 2016, Aim worked to research, draft and pursue authors for legislation to be introduced in January 2017. Aim was successful with the passage of several bills. With the 2017 session behind us, it is now time to implement the new laws. The 2017 Statehouse Report breaks down this session’s major issues and contains a listing of the enrolled acts of greatest importance to Indiana municipalities.

Thinking long-term

We’ve reimagined our role in helping shape the dynamic municipalities of the future – and in making government work better for the benefit of all Hoosiers. Aim will take a longer-term approach to our legislative efforts. This will enable us to get more collaborative and tackle major initiatives.

Our Three-tier Legislative Strategy

Quality of place initiatives

Cities and towns across Indiana are taking creative new approaches to community development. Inspired by these examples, Aim will work closely with legislators on quality of place initiatives that not only enhance local quality of life, but also help build environments that attract and retain the best companies and top talent.

Operational initiatives

Another tier of our legislative efforts will focus on the nuts and bolts of governance. By finding ways to make government work better, we’ll:

  • Save taxpayer money
  • Help municipalities become more efficient
  • Make government more transparent
  • Help municipalities focus more on critical areas

Long-term commitment to critical initiatives

We’re also going to put a great deal of effort into long-term issues such as how municipalities can deal with the tax caps that are now written into the Indiana Constitution. 

Our Policy Experts

Matthew Greller
Chief Executive Officer
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Rhonda Cook
Deputy Director; Chief Federal and State Policy Officer
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Brian Gould
Government Affairs Director
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Lindsey Moss
Assistant Government Affairs Director; Legislative Counsel
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Jodie Woods
General Counsel
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