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Bio: AT&T is the largest provider of advanced communications service in Indiana with about 5,500 AT&T employees working in Indiana. AT&T volunteers contribute more than 84,000 hours of their time to nonprofit organizations in Indiana annually. AT&T is a full-service company able to meet and exceed customer needs: voice, video and data%u2014wire line and wireless. AT&T hosts more than 38 Internet data centers around the world and data services are available in countries representing 99% of the world’s economy. Nearly half of the US wireless data traffic runs on the AT&T network. The company’s domestic digital voice and data network covers more than 300 million people and carries 18.7 pet bytes a day and includes more than 900,000 fiber route miles worldwide. AT&T’s robust network handles over 100,000 text messages every 5 seconds. The network covers more than 13,000 cities along 40,000 miles of US highways. AT&T has more than one Billion devices connected to its network. AT&T launched 4G LTE mobile broadband in Indiana in 2011. Visit AT&T Coverage Viewer for wireless coverage information in Indiana.

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