Outgoing Mayors Joe Thallemer and Clint Lamb to Join Aim in January 2024

Indianapolis – Aim CEO Matt Greller announced today that in early 2024, current Warsaw Mayor Joe Thallemer and Sullivan Mayor Clint Lamb will join the Aim team, providing on-site field services to municipal leaders, an initiative once coined the Aim Ambassadors Program.

The field services provided by Thallemer and Lamb will consist of technical assistance and problem-solving guidance to Aim members, acting as a connection point between municipalities and various governmental agencies and key contacts. They will be an integral part of the Aim team, offering municipal expertise and insight on legislative and regulatory matters, and identifying potential education topics relevant to all municipal officials.

Mayor Thallemer took office in 2012 and quickly engaged with Aim by attending many trainings and participating on various Aim committees, including the association’s critical legislative committee. His interactions with lawmakers provided an informed, front-line perspective relative to municipal-facing legislation. Mayor Thallemer’s always curious approach and thoughtful deliberation made him an ideal candidate to begin serving as a member of the Aim Medical Trust Board of Trustees in 2012 and Aim Board of Directors in 2015, where he rose through the ranks to become the president of both governing bodies. Mayor Thallemer’s leadership during the pandemic highlighted his ability to speak with authority and empathy, as well as his profound expertise navigating both municipal and state government processes and channels.

“I am thrilled to have someone of Joe’s caliber joining our team of professionals, dedicated to ensuring municipalities have the tools they need to be successful. It has been amazing to watch his enthusiasm for the potential of Warsaw evolve into an enthusiasm for the potential of all Hoosier cities and towns,” said Greller.

Mayor Lamb, also a three-term mayor, has been a force among his fellow mayors during his tenure. Embracing place-based economic development early on, Lamb became an expert at leveraging diverse revenue streams to achieve countless goals that had been on the city of Sullivan’s drawing board for decades. His long-term, patient strategies paid off as he leaves office with successful transformations in the areas of housing, transportation, recreational amenities, arts and entertainment, and community pride. Mayor Lamb’s involvement with Aim culminated in his election as the association’s president in 2022. Lamb is a collaborator and problem-solver, traits that served him well in the aftermath of a deadly tornado that struck Sullivan earlier this year.

About Lamb, Greller noted, “Mayor Lamb is the consummate believer in his community. He has never once failed to see Sullivan’s possibilities and works tirelessly to instill his brand of optimism among its residents. Clint’s doggedness to find solutions to tough problems makes him an ideal field services rep for Aim. I am ready to watch him in action, helping other Hoosier leaders achieve their goals with the same level of enthusiasm he employed in Sullivan for the last twelve years.”

Since the 1890s, Aim, formerly the Indiana Association of Cities and Towns, has been an advocate for Indiana municipalities. Aim is the collective voice of municipal government in Indiana, with more than 460 cities and towns as members. Our purpose is to foster, promote and advocate for the success of Hoosier municipalities as laboratories of innovation, hubs of talent and the engines driving our state’s economy.

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