Chelsea Schneider, Municipal Innovations Specialist, Aim

Friends would tell Argos leader Suzanne Umbaugh they were surprised to discover the town’s robust parks and trail system when they stopped in for a quick visit with their grandchildren.

They were amazed, she said, because they didn’t know the small town of about 1,600 people had those amenities. From those conversations, town leaders decided to get the word out about what makes the northern Indiana community so special.

The result: a new logo highlighting the Argos’ slogan, “A town within a park.”

“We are hoping to raise awareness,” Umbaugh said, “but with that, we hope to attract new people.”

The logo showcases the town’s parks, with an arch to symbolize the residents’ support of each other. The logo also incorporates Argos Community Schools’ colors of black and gold and includes a winding path to illustrate how the parks connect family and friends to the community and its traditions.

Hiring a marketing firm was a unique step for Argos. Umbaugh suggests leaders from similar-sized communities should start asking residents who live 20 miles away about their city or town. If they don’t know what your community has to offer – taking steps to promote those amenities could pay off.

“Don’t be afraid to try it,” Umbaugh said.

Argos’ logo was a collaboration among the town, residents and local firm Red Door Marketing.

So far, all feedback on the logo has been positive, Umbaugh said. The effort also fits in with Argos’ long-term vision of connecting all its parks by walking trail.

“I am so excited about the unveiling of the new logo,” said Jon VanDerWeele, Argos Community Development Corp., member. “Actually, it is more than a logo. It’s a symbol of the true essence of the amazing Argos community and a visual representation of the strength and connection among our families, our values and our school and parks system, while also offering a future vision of Argos.”

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