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The Brownstown Pickleball Association aims to raise $15,000 by April 7 to construct four pickleball courts, a restroom, and a shelter house at Brownstown Park. With a matching grant from the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority’s CreatINg Places program, the project will promote physical activity, community engagement, and camaraderie in Jackson County.

A new chapter in Jackson County’s recreational scene is on the horizon, as a crowdfunding campaign for constructing outdoor pickleball courts at Brownstown Park gains momentum. Spearheaded by the Brownstown Pickleball Association, the campaign aims to raise $15,000 by April 7. Should they reach their goal, a matching grant from the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority’s CreatINg Places program will double their efforts, bringing the total funds to $30,000.

Pickleball: A Game Changer for Jackson County

The proposed project includes four outdoor pickleball courts, along with a restroom and a shelter house. Pickleball, a paddleball sport known for its accessibility across various ages and skill levels, has been making waves nationwide for promoting physical activity and community engagement. The Brownstown Pickleball Association, with the support of community leaders and the Community Foundation of Jackson County, has been meticulously planning the project to ensure its success.

CreatINg Places: Fueling Local Dreams

The CreatINg Places program, initiated in 2016, supports community projects through matching grants. With a focus on public art, cultural experiences, and placemaking, the program has already raised over $19 million in public and matching funds. Local nonprofit entities and government units within Indiana are eligible to apply for these grants, which can amount to as much as $50,000 per project.

A Community United: The Future of Pickleball in Brownstown

Upon completion of the project, the Brownstown Pickleball Association plans to organize tournaments and clinics to maintain and improve the facilities. This initiative is more than just building courts; it’s about fostering a sense of community and camaraderie. The success of this campaign will not only bring new recreational facilities to Jackson County but also serve as a testament to what can be achieved when a community comes together.

As the clock ticks down to April 7, the Brownstown Pickleball Association remains hopeful and resolute in their mission. With each contributed dollar, they are one step closer to bringing pickleball to Brownstown Park, creating a space where residents can connect, engage, and enjoy a sport that transcends age and skill level.

In the grand scheme of things, $15,000 may seem like a drop in the ocean. But for the residents of Jackson County, it represents something much larger – an opportunity to shape their community’s future, one pickleball court at a time.

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