As cities across the world grow bigger and more complex, they are facing new challenges. They have to maintain high standards of livability, resiliency and sustainability. Population growth has impacted city economies, housing and the workforce—but rapid urbanization is also straining resources and stretching budgets. City leaders are committing to smart city objectives to meet social, economic and environmental demands. They are turning to technology to help their communities become centers of innovation and sustainable growth.

In the past, the various systems that served a community operated independently, making it difficult to view or figure out the best ways to improve overall efficiency. Smart cities technologies are changing all that. Using a powerful combination of advanced networking, cloud, security and device management tools, real-time data can be used to help deploy resources more accurately and prioritize changes to meet a community’s most pressing needs. Moreover, these smart technologies enable communities to use near real-time data to help deploy resources more accurately and deliver important information to residents and visitors at key locations, such as event listings, emergency alerts and hyper-local information.

Verizon Smart Communities solutions can help municipalities quickly and cost-effectively support vital services. For example, Intelligent Lighting helps control costs and save energy by using smart technology in a city’s streetlights to regulate light levels based on the surrounding environment. Traffic Data Services delivers near real-time insights and historical analysis about traffic flow, based on anonymized cellular data to help planners minimize congestion, plan future multimodal transportation and improve land use. Parking Optimization uses computer vision analytics to provide actionable insights to help better understand parking patterns and pain points, optimize revenue and create better parking experiences.

With Smart Communities solutions, cities can scale resources and services in response to changing demands. That helps cities stay more competitive in the global market—attracting new residents, consumers, investors and businesses that value the convenience and reliability of a supportive infrastructure.

Verizon is committed to partnering with cities to create solutions that address its most challenging needs. To learn more, visit us at

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