Over the last three decades the Lilly Endowment has nurtured the birth and growth of Community Foundations in all 92 counties in the State of Indiana through the GIFT (Giving Indiana Funds for Tomorrow) Initiative.  Still, many Community Foundations are recognized only as grantmakers.  Grantmaking is just one of the roles a Community Foundation plays in their community. The Endowment recognizes the potential in each community for the Community Foundations to be leading partners in that local civic space that guide strategic and comprehensive investments in both people and place that are critical to the future vibrancy of Indiana neighborhoods, towns, cities, and counties. This is a big paradigm shift for many communities and their Foundations.   The GIFT Technical Assistance Program of the Indiana Philanthropy Alliance is tasked with helping manage this shift.  Terri Johnson, Associate Director of the GIFT Program, will give a presentation about the history of this development, what this particular program will do, and the opportunities that mayors may develop in enhanced strategic partnerships in community economic development.

Terri Johnson, Associate Director, GIFT Technical Assistance, Indiana Philanthropy Alliance

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