This workshop is intended for Clerk-Treasurers in their first term to provide basic information and resources to get you through the first year with confidence, as well as provide a review of the duties for those who have been in office for some time.  Topics to be covered are: daily, weekly, monthly and annual duties; various agencies; funds; payroll; budget and budget orders; taxes; bank reconciliations; ledger or receipts and disbursement; ledge or appropriations; transfers; resolutions; ordinances; claims and minutes; mentoring; acronyms; and audits.

Susan Gordon, CPA, Director of Audit Services, State Board of Accounts
Karen Heim, Clerk-Treasurer, Culver
Carrie Mugford, Clerk-Treasurer, North Manchester
Kathy Parsons, Clerk-Treasurer, Fremont
Tami Runyon, Clerk-Treasurer, Bluffton

The Terminal