Many municipal ordinances have penalties for violations. This workshop will review the process for cities and towns to enforce their ordinances, particularly those addressing nuisances such as dilapidated housing, weeds, junk cars, and trash. There will also be discussion on steps that can be taken to remedy the nuisance prior to fines being assessed.

Moderator:  Brian Gould, Member Engagement Director, Aim
Speakers:  Adrian Halverstadt, Attorney, DeLaney Hartburg Roth & Garrott LLP; Malak Heiny, Attorney, City of Fort Wayne

Handout – IC 36-7-10.1
Handout – IC 32-30-6
Handout – IC 9-22-1
Handout – IC 36-1-6
Handout – CR to Trustee for Property in Bky
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