INDIANAPOLIS – Today, Lt. Governor Suzanne Crouch along with the Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs recognized more than 85 individuals and communities who partnered with the agency throughout 2019 to collaboratively shape and execute their vision for local community and economic development opportunities.

“By working together, these communities applied innovative changes to their public buildings, parks, walkways, main streets and economic developments,” Crouch said. “In partnership with the Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs, local leaders are able to utilize this funding to incorporate the plans to further their economic and community development.”

Crouch said more than $56 million local community dollars were combined with the $35 million OCRA funding to complete quality of place improvements like water system enhancements, building of public facilities, main street revitalization, historic renovation and downtown enhancement.

“Today is a great day to celebrate all the successes, collaborative efforts and planning our Hoosier communities have achieved over the last year,” said Jodi Golden, OCRA Executive Director. “Our office was fortunate to help our rural cities, towns and counties grow and I’m excited to see what the future has in store for all of them as they continue to develop.”

The 2019 awards ceremony marks OCRA’s 14th anniversary since the agency’s creation in 2005. State legislators, mayors, local elected officials, grant administrators, community development organizations, community partners and businesses were present at the awards ceremony and celebration.

Below is the list of awards and for copies of the photos, click here.

Click here for audio of Lt. Governor Suzanne Crouch.

Organization County Program Name Grant Award Local Match
Flora, Town of Carroll Blight Clearance $302,997 $33,667
Hagerstown, Town of Wayne Blight Clearance $207,000 $32,672
Haubstadt, Town of Gibson Blight Clearance $110,000 $13,800
Patoka, Town of Gibson Blight Clearance $50,000 $7,500
Valpraiso, City of Porter Blight Clearance $500,000 $359,599
Bedford, City of Lawrence Downtown Development Week $1,000 $1,500
Edinburgh, Town of Bartholomew/Johnson/Shelby Downtown Development Week $1,000 $500
Jeffersonville, City of Clark Downtown Development Week $1,000 $500
Knightstown, Town of Henry Downtown Development Week $1,000 $500
Streets of Monticello Association, Inc White Downtown Development Week $550 $550
500 Main LLC (Dan Boecher) Elkhart Historic Renovation Grant $100,000 $476,875
Ann Knebel & Edward Kornegay Dubois Historic Renovation Grant $11,175 $11,175
AP Backstay Lofts LLC (Jonathan R. Anderson) Randolph Historic Renovation Grant $100,000 $650,000
AP BenHur LLC (Jonathan R. Anderson) Montgomery Historic Renovation Grant $100,000 $150,000
Central Lofts LLC (Jonathan R. Anderson) Vanderburgh Historic Renovation Grant $100,000 $259,000
Derek and Christine May Fountain Historic Renovation Grant $100,000 $106,743
Gregory Scott Beasely Putnam Historic Renovation Grant $15,756 $15,756
Indiana Landmarks Floyd Historic Renovation Grant $15,000 $15,000
James P. Buckingham Adams Historic Renovation Grant $17,994 $43,125
Morgan Building and Land, LLC Tippecanoe Historic Renovation Grant $32,200 $32,200
Heart of Sullivan Sullivan INspire Idea! competition $4,960 $1,750
LaPorte Economic Advancement Partnership LaPorte INspire Idea! competition $4,853 $0
Brazil, City of Clay Main Street Revitalization $461,491 $115,373
Hope, Town of Bartholomew Main Street Revitalization $428,360 $144,765
Kendallville, City of Noble Main Street Revitalization $600,000 $505,000
Kirklin, Town of Clinton Main Street Revitalization $600,000 $150,000
Logansport, City of Cass Main Street Revitalization $600,000 $395,650
Remington, Town of Jasper Main Street Revitalization $600,000 $165,470
Rochester, City of Fulton Main Street Revitalization $600,000 $161,720
Seymour, City of Jackson Main Street Revitalization $590,000 $437,000
Edinburgh, Town of Bartholomew/Johnson/Shelby Peer $20,000 $20,000
Rushville, City of Rush Peer $4,000 $4,000
Wabash, City of Wabash Peer $4,000 $4,000
Birdseye, Town of Dubois Public Facilities $500,000 $219,000
Clay County Clay Public Facilities $495,000 $55,000
Decatur County Decatur Public Facilities $441,509 $60,300
Holton, Town of Ripley Public Facilities $500,000 $182,830
Jefferson County Jefferson Public Facilities $500,000 $450,000
Kentland, Town of Newton Public Facilities $500,000 $916,805
Lakeville, Town of St. Joseph Public Facilities $500,000 $235,000
Lawrenceburg, City of Dearborn Public Facilities $279,760 $279,760
Mecca, Town of Parke Public Facilities $500,000 $57,000
Otterbein, Town of Benton Public Facilities $500,000 $91,000
Randolph County Randolph Public Facilities $500,000 $71,100
Scott County Scott Public Facilities $500,000 $935,650
Wabash County Wabash Public Facilities $500,000 $261,422
Batesville Main Street Franklin/Ripley Quick Impact Placebased $5,000 $7,100
Brown County Enrichment for Teens/Kids on Wheels Brown Quick Impact Placebased $5,000 $2,500
Coatesville Downtown Revitalization, Inc. Hendricks Quick Impact Placebased $5,000 $3,422
Columbus Parks and Recreation Department Bartholomew Quick Impact Placebased $5,000 $4,260
Dillsboro, Town of Dearborn Quick Impact Placebased $4,369 $9,365
Discover Plymouth Marshall Quick Impact Placebased $3,500 $3,000
Tell City Regional Arts Association Perry Quick Impact Placebased $5,000 $8,065
Tippecanoe Arts Federation, Inc. Tippecanoe Quick Impact Placebased $5,000 $45,000
Urban Enterprise Association, City of Richmond Wayne Quick Impact Placebased $5,000 $19,328
Wabash Marketplace Wabash Quick Impact Placebased $4,418 $4,418
Warren County Community Foundation Warren Quick Impact Placebased $5,000 $5,222
Andrews, Town of Huntington Stormwater Improvements $600,000 $150,067
Chandler, Town of Warrick Stormwater Improvements $600,000 $177,400
Connersville, City of Fayette Stormwater Improvements $600,000 $743,000
Ligonier, City of Noble Stormwater Improvements $450,000 $150,000
Montpelier, City of Blackford Stormwater Improvements $600,000 $88,300
Union City, City of Randolph Stormwater Improvements $600,000 $67,000
Advance, Town of Boone Wastewater/Drinking Water $700,000 $784,000
Alexandria, City of Madison Wastewater/Drinking Water $700,000 $600,000
Austin, City of Scott Wastewater/Drinking Water $550,000 $159,000
Brookville, Town of Franklin Wastewater/Drinking Water $600,000 $604,900
Carlisle, Town of Sullivan Wastewater/Drinking Water $600,000 $2,915,000
Centerville, Town of Wayne Wastewater/Drinking Water $700,000 $2,791,000
Clay City, Town of Clay Wastewater/Drinking Water $700,000 $312,000
Columbia City, City of Whitley Wastewater/Drinking Water $700,000 $8,410,000
Eaton, Town of Delaware Wastewater/Drinking Water $600,000 $150,000
Fayette County Fayette Wastewater/Drinking Water $550,000 $138,000
Glenwood, Town of Fayette/Rush Wastewater/Drinking Water $600,000 $150,000
Kingsford Heights, Town of LaPorte Wastewater/Drinking Water $600,000 $190,850
Knox, City of Starke Wastewater/Drinking Water $700,000 $1,272,772
Lizton, Town of Hendricks Wastewater/Drinking Water $700,000 $3,069,070
Martinsville, City of Morgan Wastewater/Drinking Water $700,000 $5,291,000
Medaryville, Town of Pulaski Wastewater/Drinking Water $600,000 $173,250
Milltown, Town of Harrison Wastewater/Drinking Water $700,000 $940,000
Montezuma, Town of Parke Wastewater/Drinking Water $700,000 $515,500
Mount Vernon, City of Posey Wastewater/Drinking Water $700,000 $680,000
Newport, Town of Vermillion Wastewater/Drinking Water $700,000 $2,544,000
North Salem, Town of Henricks Wastewater/Drinking Water $700,000 $800,000
Prince’s Lakes, Town of Johnson Wastewater/Drinking Water $700,000 $4,668,700
Rockville, Town of Parke Wastewater/Drinking Water $700,000 $911,322
Saint Paul, Town of Decatur/Shelby Wastewater/Drinking Water $600,000 $216,500
Spencer, Town of Owen Wastewater/Drinking Water $700,000 $307,500
Washington, City of Daviess Wastewater/Drinking Water $700,000 $1,300,000
Westport, Town of Decatur Wastewater/Drinking Water $700,000 $3,394,000
Williamsport, Town of Warren Wastewater/Drinking Water $700,000 $726,300
Windfall, Town of Tipton Wastewater/Drinking Water $700,000 $2,955,400

SOURCE: News release from Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs

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