It takes strength, commitment, and guts to run for any political office. Aim’s new podcast Run Like a Girl seeks to destroy the notion of weakness that is historically associated with this phrase by showcasing the strong female leaders in different levels of Indiana government. Join us as we shatter the myths about female leaders, dig deep into their challenges and advantages, understand what resources are needed to attract more women to these roles, and take back the misconception that running like a girl is a bad thing.

On today’s episode, Aim COO Jennifer Simmons sits down with Mayor Deb Whitfield. Mayor Whitfield worked her entire career for Community Health Network, first as a respiratory therapist and then as the Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. She has a record of expanding services and care to diverse populations across Marion County. Mayor Whitfield’s priorities include bringing more growth and economic opportunities to Lawrence, working with public safety officials to keep the city safe, and making spending more equitable so that the city can effectively serve all of Lawrence—no matter your neighborhood or income.

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