Earlier this month during a two-day session of Aim/Ball State Mayors Institute, Aim CEO Matt Greller and Indiana Communities Institute (ICI) at Ball State Executive Director David Terrell awarded certificates to seven Hoosier mayors who attained a bronze, silver, or gold level Mayors Institute certification.

David Terrell said, “Providing a forum for mayors to connect with one another while seeking solutions to common challenges is a big part of Mayors Institute. I am always thrilled to award these certificates and applaud mayors who are investing in their communities by investing in their education.”

The following certificates were presented:

Gold                                                           Silver                                                Bronze
Bob Courtney, Madison                             Matt Nicholson, Seymour                 Matt Nicholson, Seymour
Scott Long, Wabash                                  Bill Rock, Gas City                           Gregg Sprunger, Berne
Dan Rickord, Decatur
Richard Strick, Huntington

“I would not be surprised if most city residents don’t think of their mayors as students. The reality is, I see a common thread among mayors, they are hungry to learn. Laws change, technology evolves, research advances, and mayors seeking the latest information should be the expectation, not the exception,” said Greller.

Bronze, silver, and gold certifications are handed out annually during a session of Mayors Institute.  Wabash Mayor Scott Long was presented with the group’s highest certification level, City Leadership Executive, during the Aim Ideas Summit in August.  This certification achievement is always presented during Aim’s annual gathering.

A partnership between the Indiana Community Institute (ICI) at Ball State and Aim, designed to offer advanced continuing education exclusively for Indiana’s mayors, began in 2016. Each year, the two entities collaborate to provide high-level information on topics such as quality of place, human capital, research of relevance to municipalities, public safety, education, cyber security, human resources and much more. For more information on Mayors Institute, please visit aimindiana.org/mayors-institute/.   

SOURCE: Press Release, October 9, 2023

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