Below is a broad sampling of the media coverage that has been generated by the proposals to eliminate the personal property tax in Indiana.


Kokomo Perspective: For Indiana Republicans, it’s tax cut ‘showtime’ (published April 12, 2014)
NWI Times: LARRY DeBOER: What new business tax commission might study (published April 4, 2014)
Goshen News: MORTON MARCUS: Business tax compromise pits counties against each other (published March 25, 2014)
NWI Times: BRIAN HOWEY: For Indiana Republicans, it’s tax cut showtime (published March 23, 2014)
Indianapolis Star: State takes right step on business equipment tax (published March 21, 2014)
Kpc News: For Indiana Republicans, it’s tax cut ‘showtime!’ (published March 20, 2014)
NWI Times: GUEST COMMENTARY: General Assembly could have done much more (published March 20, 2014)
Current in Carmel: Opinion: Tax reform could affect local library (published March 4, 2014)
Kokomo Perspective: Much ado about property taxes (published February 12, 2014)
Stacey Page Online: Mayors Meet With Governor On Proposed Tax Bill (published February 12, 2014)
NUVO: Pence mulls SB1 revenue loss replacements (published February 12, 2014)
Lakeshore Public Media: Ways & Means Debates Senate Version Of Personal Property Tax Cut (published February 11, 2014)
NUVO: Pence stays mum about property tax plan details (published February 10, 2014)
Tribune-Star: MAUREEN HAYDEN: Offshore tax havens undermine state (published February 9, 2014)
The Reporter-Times: When is enough enough? (published January 27, 2014)
Kokomo Perspective: Economic prosperity means strong business, vibrant communities (published January 17, 2014)
South Bend Tribune: Eliminating tax will hurt Indiana cities (published January 14, 2014)
South Bend Tribune: Battle lines forming (published January 21, 2014)
South Bend Tribune: There are benefits to business taxes (published January 5, 2014)
Indianapolis Star: Business Insider: Let’s not rush on business personal property tax (published January 24, 2014)

Indianapolis Star: Tully: Hoosier cities and town squeezed by state legislature (published April 10, 2014)
Tax Foundation: Indiana’s 2014 Tax Package Continues State’s Pattern of Year-Over-Year Improvements (published April 7, 2014)
Kokomo Perspective: Study session next for SEA 1 (published April 3, 2014)
Indiana Daily Student: Pence signs business personal property tax cut (published March 26, 2014)
Batesville Herald Tribune: Chamber dinner topics: state advocacy and local goals (published March 22, 2014)
Indianapolis Star: Business Insider: Tax change could cause unhealthy competition (published March 21, 2014)
NWI Times: EDITORIAL: Indiana needs comprehensive tax study (published March 21, 2014)
Princeton Daily Clarion: Mayors: replacement funds needed if business tax cut (published February 27, 2014)
WTHI: State of the City: Mayor says challenges ahead (published February 27, 2014)
South Bend Tribune: Business tax deal taking shape (published February 26, 2014)
Stacey Page Online: Property Taxes Up For State Discussion (published February 24, 2014)
WTHI: Proposed bills could be heading for delay (published February 21, 2014)
NWI Times: Pence not telling whole story on state business tax comparisons (published February 16, 2014)
WIBC: Senate Has Doubts About Income Tax Break (published February 13, 2014)
Journal Review: Eliminating tax won’t create jobs (published February 13, 2014)
14 News: Gov. Pence considering new plan for state business tax
(published February 12, 2014)
Dearborn Country Register: Hey, Gov.: leave our money alone (published February 12, 2014)
WISH TV: Pence responds to attacks on his tax plan (published February 11, 2014)
WISH TV: Mayors speak out against Pence tax plan (published February 11, 2014)
14 News: Mayors concerned over plans to eliminate statewide business tax (published February 11, 2014)
The Statehouse File: Commentary: How to succeed in reducing business personal property tax without really trying (published February 11, 2014)
Tristate-Media: Business equipment tax cut plan draws debate (published February 11, 2014)
Howey Politics: Pence tells mayors he will replace business tax with state revenue (published February 11, 2014)
Green County Daily World: Business Personal Property Tax: What it is and how change could impact locally (published February 7, 2014)
Stacey Page Online: Executive Summary Outlines Personal Property Tax Elimination (published February 6, 2014)
Stacey Page Online: Warsaw Leaders ‘Strongly Against’ Tax Reform (published February 4, 2014)
Kpc News: County, cities, towns oppose ending business property tax (published February 4, 2014)
Hoosier Ag Today: Personal Property Tax Proposals Alive at Statehouse (published February 2, 2014)
NWI Times: E.C. council opposes cuts in tax dollars for education (published February 2, 2014)
The Times of Northwest Indiana: Pence offers ideas, but not solutions (published January 15, 2014)
Indiana Economic Digest: Study options before tinkering with personal property taxes for businesses (published January 1, 2014)
South Bend Tribune: Do the governors’s words match the agenda? (published January 19, 2014)

WIBC: Local Officials Still Opposed to Elimination of Business Personal Property Tax (published July 23, 2014)
Indiana Public Media: Indiana Business Personal Property Tax Debate Rages On (published July 23, 2014)
NWI Times: Tax cuts boost Indiana’s business tax climate rank (published April 7, 2014)
Indianapolis Star: Gov. Mike Pence signs off on business tax cuts (published March 25, 2014)
Indiana Public Media: Business Personal Property Tax Reform Signed Into Law (published March 25, 2014)
Forbes: Border War In The Midwest: Indiana And Illinois Fight For Growth (published March 21, 2014)
Indiana Public Media: Legislators Reach Compromise On Business Property Tax (published March 12, 2014)
WISH: Lawmakers reach deal to reduce business taxes (published March 11, 2014)
Indianapolis Star: Compromises near on Indiana biz tax cut, pre-kindergarten (published March 11, 2014)
Inside Indiana Business: UPDATE: House leader says tax, preschool deals near (published March 11, 2014)
Indiana Public Media: How Low Revenues Could Affect Legislative Priorities (published March 7, 2014)
WIBC: Legislators Likely to Order Review of State Economic Incentives (published March 7, 2014)
NWI Times: Business tax cut advances at Statehouse (published March 3, 2014)
Indiana Business Journal: Indiana lawmakers draw close on business tax deal (published February 25, 2014)
Indianapolis Star: Statehouse roundup: State Fair alcohol, biz tax cut (published February 25, 2014)
Indiana Public Media: Legislature Close to Resolution On Business Tax Bills (published February 25, 2014)
WISH: Indiana lawmakers draw close on business tax deal (published February 25, 2014)
Indy Politics: Locals Say Things Look a Little Better with Business Personal Property Tax (published February 25, 2014)
WBAA: State lawmakers look at depreciation floor (published February 19, 2014)
WIBC: Business Tax Debate Turns to Depreciation Floor (published February 18, 2014)
Indianapolis Star: Tax elimination benefits wealthy, so of course it will pass (published February 12, 2014)
Indianapolis Star: Business property tax inhibits investment (published February 12, 2014)
Indianapolis Star: Pence wants state to replace some proposed local business tax cuts (published February 12, 2014)
Indiana Business Journal: Pence open to replacing any revenue lost in tax bill (published February 11, 2014)
Indiana Public Media: Governor Open To Replacing Revenue Lost From Business Tax (published February 11, 2014)
Indiana Public Media: Pence ‘Open’ To Replacing Some Local Revenues From A Business Tax Cut (published February 11, 2014)
Fox 59: Gov. Pence “open to” idea of state replacement money in tax battle (published February 11, 2014)
Indy Politics: Pence Tries to Assure Local Governments on Business Personal Property Tax (published February 11, 2014)
Indianapolis Star: Big names weigh in on biz equipment tax cut (published February 11, 2014)
WTHR: Mayors oppose Indiana move to end business personal property tax (published February 11, 2014)
WIBC: Mayors: Time to Kill Proposed Tax Cut on Business Equipment (published February 11, 2014)
Indiana Public Media: Report: No Easy Replacement Revenue Source For Business Tax (published February 10, 2014)
WTHITV: Business personal property tax sparks debate (published February 8, 2014)
WIBC: Chamber: Final Shape of Business Personal Property Tax Bill Unclear (published February 7, 2014)
NWI Politics: Winter chills state revenue (published February 7, 2014)
Wish TV: Pence won’t detail tax reform plan (published February 6, 2014)
Indiana Public Media: Pence Discusses Business Personal Property Tax (published February 6, 2014)
Fox 59 News: Indiana mayors concerned about business tax phase-out proposal (published February 6, 2014)
Indiana Public Media: What’s At Stake For Indiana Businesses In Lawmakers’ Equipment Tax Debate (published February 5, 2014)
Journal Review: Personal property tax hot topic (published February 3, 2014)
Northwest Indiana Times: Munster Town Council opposed elimination of business tax (published February 1, 2014)
IBJ: House, Senate OK corporate tax plans despite protests (published January 30, 2014)
WIBC: Pence Working to Reassure Critics of Business Personal Property Tax Exemption (published January 31, 2014)
WBIW: Pence Working To Reassure Critics Of Business Personal Property Tax Exemption (published January 31, 2014)
Indy Politics: Replace, Don’t Erase (published January 30, 2014)
Eagle Country: Business Property Tax Proposals Pass House, Senate (published January 31, 2014)
Indiana Public Media: Local Leaders Ask Lawmakers To Oppose Business Tax Reduction (published January 30, 2014)
Marco Island Florida: Business tax cut bills pass; jobs, not politics, Hershman says, but local government coalition strongly objects (published January 30, 2014)
Indianapolis Star: Local officials say “replace don’t erase” biz tax (published January 30, 2014)
Indianapolis Business Journal: Senate amends tax bill, rejects Democrat’s effort to strip key provisions (published January 28,2014)
The Times of Northwest Indiana: Economist gives tepid outlook for 2014 (published January 24, 2014)
IBJ: Personal Property tax cut heads to full house (published January 23, 2014)
Howey Political Indiana (published January 23, 2014)
Indianapolis Star: Indiana Senate panel OKs cut in corporate income tax (published January 21, 2014)
The Times of Northwest Indiana: Portage schools, city balk at business tax elimination proposal  (published January 18, 2014)
South Bend Tribune: Business tax cut to cost county $31.6 M (published January 12, 2014)
Indiana Public Media: Mayors speak against loss of business (January 14, 2014)

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