Earlier this summer, the City of Fort Wayne announced a new record for the number of residents utilizing the trails in the city.

During the months of April, May, and June, 249,362 residents utilized the city’s 120-mile trail network – breaking a record previously set in the third quarter of 2017. In that time frame, 193,105 individuals utilized the city’s trails.

This record-breaking increase occurred during the peak of the Stay-at-Home order in Indiana.

“As people were home during the pandemic, they were looking for safe things to do, and many of them took to our trails,” Dawn Ritchie, Greenways and Trails Manager for the City of Fort Wayne said.

Infrared trail counters are used to track trail visitors. According to the data collected by the trail counters, April was the busiest month with 87,569 visitors followed by the month of May which saw 86,085 visitors.

The uptick in trail visitors reflects what bike stores are reporting in the city, according to Ritchie.

“We know part of the increase is bicyclists. Stores that sell bikes are having a hard time keeping them in stock, but we’re certainly noticing more walkers as well,” Ritchie said.

According to Mayor Tom Henry, trails are a priority for the city and its effort to promote health in the community.

“Trails and the health of our community are two major initiatives that we’re focusing on in the City of Fort Wayne in 2020,” Mayor Henry said.

Mayor Henry reinforced the city’s commitment to quality of place amenities that promote healthy living.

“I’m encouraged to see that residents and visitors are utilizing our trails. We’re committed to continuing to provide quality of life amenities that make our community and region healthier, stronger, and more connected.”

Photo Source: Visit Fort Wayne

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