Replace Don’t Erase is an ongoing effort to preserve funding for cities, towns, counties, schools, townships, and libraries at a level that allows these units to continue providing Hoosiers with the quality of life they expect and deserve. Once again, the Indiana General Assembly is considering several provisions that would eliminate a significant portion of the business personal property tax, acts that would eliminate millions of dollars from local governments and hinder their ability to provide services, infrastructure, public safety, and other improvements. Growing Indiana’s economy is about more than a checklist of business taxes.

On today’s episode of the Replace Don’t Erase Podcast Series, Matt Greller is joined by Tom Hanify and Mike Whited of the Professional Firefighters Union of Indiana and Bill Owensby, Leo Blackwell, and Ed Merchant from the Indiana Fraternal Order of Police. The group discusses the effect that the proposed tax shift would have on police, fire, and emergency services and the need for a full replacement mechanism to preserve public safety.

Learn more about the Replace Don’t Erase Coalition here.

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