INDIANAPOLIS – At its annual meeting held last month in Lawrenceburg, the Indiana Conference of Mayors (ICOM) elected Richmond Mayor Dave Snow president of the organization.  Snow took office immediately and will serve for one year in the position.

“I am honored to be president of ICOM.  Serving in this role will give me even more opportunities to work with lawmakers and explore innovative solutions for our cities and our state.  Among my first acts will be to bring the ICOM Annual Meeting to Richmond to showcase the creativity we have employed to move our city to the cutting edge of place-based economic development,” Mayor Snow said.

Princeton Mayor Brad Schmitt was elected by ICOM members to serve as the group’s vice president. Snow and Schmitt are both serving their first terms as mayor of their respective cities.

“Working closely with my fellow mayors is definitely a highlight for me. I look forward to collaborating with Mayor Snow, advancing the cause of growing strong Hoosier cities,” Mayor Schmitt said.

Formed in 1998, the Indiana Conference of Mayors (ICOM), is an affiliate of Aim, the advocacy group for Indiana’s cities and towns. Its purpose is to give special focus on the needs and concerns of the elected chief executives of Indiana’s 120 cities.

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