A vital asset to every Hoosier community is its sewer system – a series of “tunnels” – requiring regular televising, maintenance and when needed, repair. Putting “eyes” on what is happening in your municipal sewer system is the first step in knowing if a problem exists so timely and efficient solutions can be applied. The use of a specially designed sewer camera allows for visual inspections of entire sewer systems so staff can accurately diagnose an issue.  Sometimes it’s as simple as a needed cleaning. Other times, the camera may identify a suspected leak needing repair.

That is where the latest in sewer camera technology can be your community’s valued resource. When an issue comes up or normal maintenance is being conducted, utilizing a sewer crawler camera provides a quicker, pinpoint-accurate diagnosis while also giving your utility team a more complete picture of what is going on inside the sewer system.

Benefits of a sewer crawler camera:

  • Versatility – six inch to 72-inch pipes with limited flow can be viewed and depending on the type of camera and its functionality, inspections and data reports can be uploaded and classified
  • Immediacy – being able to see firsthand data collection on the spot drastically reduces time to receive the data and make important, informed decisions
  • Flexibility – the camera can be used anywhere and allows for data sharing in a short timeframe, decreasing the number of hours needed to diagnose an issue.

Proper research should be done to make sure your utilities team utilizes the equipment and televising services best suited to your community’s needs. The latest in sewer camera technology provides quick, reliable and invaluable data to help diagnose sewer issues and provide a light at the end of the tunnel.

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