August 19, 2020

Jennifer Simmons

WARSAW – Yesterday, Governor Holcomb unveiled his commitment to address racial inequities in our great state. In a heartfelt address, he acknowledged that much work needs to be done to affect meaningful change. It was a call to action for all Hoosiers.

As municipal officials, his leadership reinforces the importance that our communities must commit to the hard work necessary to address this issue in a sustainable way. The Governor’s plan provides a starting point for local discussion. It will not be simple.

These discussions will be difficult but very necessary. Evaluating law enforcement policies, improving workforce opportunities, and making our communities more welcoming for all are good starting points. Aim will be a critical resource to assist our communities large and small.

If we start those conversations, I’m optimistic that we can be on a path to meaningful change that will lead to racial equity and opportunity for all. I hope history will reflect upon this time as the movement that, once and for all, settled the notion that we are all, in fact, created equal.

Since the 1890s, Aim, formerly the Indiana Association of Cities and Towns, has been an advocate for Indiana municipalities. Aim is the official voice of municipal government in Indiana, with more than 460 cities and towns as members. Our purpose is to foster, promote and advocate for the success of Hoosier municipalities as laboratories of innovation, hubs of talent and the engines driving our state’s economy.

 Press Release: Thallemer Statement on Holcomb Race Equity Remarks

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