Given that Aim and Wessler Engineering share many of the same talented and dedicated municipal officials as members and clients respectively, Wessler is proud to sponsor Aim’s 2020 Municipal Management Institute (MMI) as a valuable resource for community leaders throughout Indiana.

As every municipal leader knows, taking advantage of ongoing educational resources is key to serving his or her city or town effectively and efficiently.

The workshops and webinars offered through the MMI provide information and tips on managing Hoosier municipalities ranging from the smallest community to the largest city. Municipal leaders face a variety of challenges as they serve their constituents. Aim’s MMI offerings are here to make those challenges manageable and the results as beneficial as possible.

In addition to directly impacting their communities with knowledge and experience, MMI participants earn credits towards a certification as an Aim Certified Municipal Official. As of 2019, nearly 70 Indiana local government officials have become Certified Municipal Officials.

The purpose of Aim shall be to foster, promote and advocate for the success of Hoosier Municipalities as laboratories of innovation, hubs of talent, and the engines driving our state’s economy.

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