Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Just as many of you are, Aim is concerned with the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and the effect it may have on our communities. City and town government plays a role in maintaining public health, balancing the need to give citizens accurate information without creating unnecessary painc. However, we know you need to be proactive. Scenarios such as spring-breakers returning from heavily impacted areas, returning national/international convention goers, business travelers, etc., can expose your city or town to COVID-19. You are also an employer who needs to understand all obligations, risks, policies, etc., relative to human resources and COVID-19.

Governor Holcomb recently announced that the state would be earmarking $300 million of the state’s distribution from the federal Coronavirus Relief Fund for local governments to be reimbursed for their eligible COVID-19 related expenses. Please see the OMB letter announcing the program. The Indiana Finance Authority (IFA) is administering the program. Information can be found on the IFA’s website, click on “Coronavirus Relief Fund Program” on the left.

Aim President Joe Thallemer wrote the attached letter to Governor Holcomb on May 1, 2020.

Aim Medical Trust partner Verve Health has been conducting COVID pre-shift screenings for several employers. It’s a program to sustain or return to operations while keeping employees safe. The cost is $30/hr. and a minimum assignment of 4 hours. Travel time at the same rate may apply depending on the location. Total cost will depend on location, number of employees and number of shifts. This will determine number of screeners as well. There will be some cost for thermometers (number determined by information provided) and protective wear. If you are interested, contact information is provided on the flyer. This cost could be considered for eligible reimbursement of the Indiana Cares Act Funds.

Question about the CARES Relief Fund Payment? All Medicare-enrolled providers will receive a stimulus check direct deposited from HHS. If you are enrolled as a Medicare provider for EMS, you will be receiving part of the CARES Act distribution.

As we monitor the evolving situation, Aim has gathered resources to provide you with helpful information as it becomes available. Please check back regularly as information becomes available. Further, please do not hesitate to send documents and links you believe would be helpful to your peers to Jennifer Simmons at [email protected]. We are happy to review them and determine if they are appropriate for the site.