Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Local Examples

As COVID-19 continues to spread throughout Indiana, Aim has compiled a list of actions, policies, and additional items from Hoosier cities and towns, as well as affected communities around the country, to help you take proactive steps to protect your employees, citizens, and families.

Legal questions about municipal procedures during COVID-1 emergency? View the Aim Summary from April 23, 2020.

In addition to the below list compiled by Aim, the National League of Cities and Bloomberg Philanthropies have teamed up to collect and share actions taken by local leaders in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Please send any documents your community has established and believe would be helpful to your peers to Jennifer Simmons at [email protected]. We are happy to review them and determine if they are appropriate for the site.

Indiana Local Governments


• Acknowledged the Town is following the Governor’s Executive Orders to fight the COVID-19 Virus. Under Executive Order 20-09, the Council and all Town boards/commissions will meet via teleconference until the Governor’s directives are lifted or the Town Council deems it safe to conduct in-person meetings.
• Designated Council President to approve claims/bills during the duration of the pandemic emergency
• Voted for general future directives: “Should there be other national or state orders released, the Town will continue to follow the directives contained in the government orders”
• Designated essential staff and sent non-essential employees on pandemic leave for two weeks

Allen County

• Scaled back capacity at bars, restaurants, and gyms and issued restrictions on gatherings starting November 17, 2020.


• Created a Infectious Disease Preparedness and Response Plan for COVID-19 that includes basic infection prevention measures for employees, identification and isolation of sick people, and workplace flexibilities and protections
• Established a pandemic leave policy


• On July 20, 2020, Mayor John Hamilton signed an executive order that covers the size of gatherings and how bars can serve their customers
• Accepting applications for financial support through its Rapid Response Fund (RRF) for Bloomington businesses, nonprofits, and cultural organizations that have been negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Additional items include the Application, Funding Qualification Rules, and Loan Agreement
• City events have been rescheduled or postponed
• Virtual participation in public meetings
• Temporary changes and exceptions to leave policies


• Directed all non-essential staff not to report to Town facilities for work

• Will waive utility late fees and will not disconnect customers’ utility services through May 17, 2020.


• Donated $50,000 towards the COVID-19 Small Business Emergency Forgivable Loan Program that has been awarded to 37 businesses
• Purchased signs for locally owned businesses to help identify they are still open

Clinton County

• Executive Order from the Board of Commissioners
• Established public meeting procedures and procedure for the board’s ratification of the acts of its members

Columbus / Bartholomew County

• Most city buildings will be closed to the public beginning Monday, November 16 through Sunday, November 29, 2020. The decision will be revisited based on what happens over the next two weeks as we go into December, as we review the level of community spread throughout the county.
• The Columbus/Bartholomew County COVID-19 Community Task Force wrote a letter to Governor Holcomb to support and request the extension of mandatory face coverings on October 6, 2020.

Crown Point

• Updated the Bulldog Park Rental Agreement, the Bulldog Park Nonprofit Room Reservation Form, the Sportsplex Rental/Participant Agreement, and the Parks and Recreation Facility Permit to include COVID-19 language.
• Released an informational flyer for employees about prevention, social distancing, and testing


• Passed a resolution creating a small business assistance program which will provide grants of up to $7,500 to local businesses negatively impacted by COVID-19. Set aside $150,000 for the program.
• Using Microsoft Teams to allow for the council and other boards to conduct meetings as necessary
• Park Department and Culver Academies Wellness Director send out e-mails via a town listserve with activity suggestions or challenges for families (i.e. Scavenger Hunt Bingo and Obstacle Course build) and one local business placed chalk in front of each business in one section of town to encourage people to create encouraging messages or art
• Committed $2,500 to the local food pantry and Blessings in a Backpack program with a goal of raising an additional $2,500 from the community
• Passed a resolution outlining pandemic procedures


• Restricted town hall access for emergency purposes only

• Suspended all Edinburgh Parks and Recreation activities and access to Sports Complex until April 13, 2020

• Delayed the implementation of the recycle center until April 13, 2020

Elkhart County

• Passed an ordinance to establish incremental civil fines for violations of COVID-19 mitigation directives


• Created a video with regional municipal officials encouraging citizens to do their part in stopping the spread of COVID-19. 
• Government executives passed a joint Evansville-Vanderburgh County Emergency Proclamation, allowing closure of our Civic Center Administration Complex to the public.
• Funding partners established a cross-sector, community-wide COVID-19 Response Fund of the Greater Evansville Region designed to serve the community through the relief, recovery, and restoration phases typical of large-scale crises to catalyze hope in a time that perpetuates hopelessness and isolation.
• Community organizers created Feed Evansville to provide grab-and-go meals and create a running list of organizations, pantries, and locations for food assistance.
• Community One created the Need a Neighbor initiative to match a person with a need to a person who wants to meet a need.
• The Southwest Indiana Chamber created a resource page for event/facility cancellation and closings, business FAQs, restaurant take-out/delivery list, employee opportunities, local business services and other community resources.
• Recorded brief with local health officials and media


• Mayor Fadness announced his plan to lead Fishers through a bold agenda to support the health and economic recovery of Fishers in response to the COVID-19 global pandemic.
• The $2.5 million Fishers Recovery Plan will launch COVID-19 testing for Fishers residents alongside a comprehensive tracing program and business recovery support programs.
• Declared a Local Emergency
• Set up a Coronavirus Hotline (317-595-3211)
• Established a COVID-19 Data Center

Fort Wayne

• City Council also adopted a public health leave policy currently in effect through May 12, 2020.
• Created a resource webpage.
• Mayor hosts a weekly press conference with the County Commissioners with a different focus each week. Previous topics include hospital systems and assistance to businesses.
• Every Thursday night, Fort Wayne United has been cohosting virtual forums with City Life on Facebook Live to highlight the impact on minority populations.


• Executive Order on March 19, 2020, allowing essential city offices and departments to remain operational but also allowing certain employees to work remotely until further notice

• Those employees shall receive pay for their regularly scheduled non-overtime work hours


The City of Greenwood passed an ordinance to extend federal emergency paid sick leave and emergency family and medical leave provisions related to COVID-19. 
• The City of Greenwood has closed its City Center building to visitors. City government remains fully operational.

• Parks and Recreation department has gone virtual with a daily live Facebook broadcast and YouTube channel where staff livestreams activities, from virtual science to bingo
Executive Order for Stay-at-Home Guidelines for COVID-19 Pandemic on April 2, 2020
• Police and Fire Departments are offering pharmacy pickup and delivery for residents, particularly the elderly and those unable to get out by themselves
• Passed an ordinance to allow for paid time off without utilizing PTO in the event an employee cannot work from home and must be quarantined
• Created a separate pay code to track the quarantined time


• Issued a Stay at Home Order for Certain City of Goshen Employees on April 17, 2020
• Amended the 2020 Compensation Ordinance to include Declared Emergency Paid Leave
• Executive Order of Stay at Home Order for Certain City of Goshen Employees on April 2, 2020
• Authorized Mayor to enter contracts for COVID-19 emergency response efforts
• Executive order to limit access to city facilities
• Employees can take sick leave during Governor Holcomb’s Executive Order 20-08
• Sending out special editions of the MapleCityNow in reference to COVID-19


• Issued a notice of electronic meeting and information to allow the public to attend electronically


• Made a proclamation of the municipal executive to find and expressing a finding and determination that an emergency exists and declaring a local disaster emergency
• Established an enactment expressing a finding and determination that an emergency exists and declaring a local disaster emergency and conferring special authority on the municipal executive of the town
• Previously adopted code under the general authority to pay accounts payable vouchers in advance of board or commission allowance


• Issued a Quarantine Due to Personal Travel notice to staff


• Mayor Strick signed an executive order that adds additional restrictions. Police can fine individuals for not wearing masks. The fine starts at $25 and increases in $50 increments.
• Prepared an Internal City Operations Preparedness Plan
• Sent a letter to Department Heads and Employees with information concerning their COVID-19 Sick Bank, Response Planning Team, and Prepardness Plan


• Established a community resource webpage


• Adopted a resolution waiving certain procedures and formalities during disaster emergency pursuant to I.C. 10-14-3-17
• Executive order requiring certain city employees to work remotely during declared emergency
• Passed an ordinance to amend the 2020 Salary Ordinance to provide stay home pay for employees in declared emergency circumstances


• Launched a $1 million Kokomo StrongER (Emergency Relief) Forgivable Loan Program to accelerate access to capital for small businesses disproportionately affected by revenue loss from COVID-19 and Emergency Ordinances
• Encouraged social distancing in the workplace where applicable
• Identified alternative work locations and operational procedures for at-risk city employees who have underlying health issues that may make them more vulnerable to the virus
• Canceled all non-essential work travel by employees
• Continue to develop policies and practices to minimize the impact on governmental services

La Porte

• Mayor Dermody issued an executive order to further protect citizens during pandemic on April 3, 2020

• Press release detailed the executive order

• Notice to protect consumers and retail employees by limiting customers to one per family and a certain number of customers will be permitted in the building at a time

La Porte County

• Created a Employee and Operations Policy
• Allowing employees to work from home with a remote work log
• Passed resolution requesting Governor to provide immediate relief to local government to permit us to best serve our constituents during the Covid-19 Emergency
• Passed resolution urging Indiana Election Commission to permit no excuse mail-in voting for 2020 elections


• Created an Emergency Small Business Retention Grant to provide immediate assistance for local businesses to continue to thrive


• Local company 3D printing face shields for hospitals


• Established a Pandemic Leave Policy for city employees
• Declared a Local Emergency
• Public acces to municipal building is restricted
• Necessary arrangements and accommodations will be made to continue public meetings


• Launched a Get Back to Blue video in collaboration with local Chamber, Visit Madison, Madison Main St organization and the City of Madison.
• Partnered with Visit Madison, the Madison Main Street, and the Madison Chamber of Commerce for the “Back to Blue” initiative to increase community-wide engagement to improve county health metrics and reduce COVID positivity rates. If this happens, the county will go Back to Blue on the state health department metric map.
• Announced a Temporary Job Replacement Program and Other Economic Stimulus Actions


• Signed an executive order closing City Hall and requiring certain employees to work remotely

Marion County

• Extended the Public Health Order to May 15, 2020


• Established a telecommuting policy for those who need to self-quarantine or if the town were required to shut down


• City Hall remains open
• Call ahead to see if business can be conducted over the phone
• Temperature will be taken before entering City Hall


• Approved an Infectious Disease Outbreak Response Plan on March 18, 2020


• Created the Mooresville Small Business COVID-19 Relief Fund in partnership with the Mooresville Redevelopment Commission and the Morgan County Economic Development Corporation to support recovery and job retention for existing small businesses.


• Parks Department is hosting online trivia games on Catch23 for kids and families


• Created the Noblesville Small Business Resilience Grant program to provide up to $10,000 per grant to small businesses that have been impacted
by the COVID-19 pandemic.
• Board of Public Works and Safety approved a resolution authorizing emergency sick leave bank approvals
• Mayor Jensen recorded a video with his family

North Liberty

• Passed an ordinance setting a Communicable Disease Policy on March 16, 2020


• The town and police department are supplying older citizens with isolation communication packets


• Created a Pandemic Response Plan
Executive Order 2020-5 extends emergency operations and adds additional PTO and other benefits for quarantines of employees
• Amended Salary Ordinance to add Hazard duty pay
• Established a COVID-19 Small Business Response Plan Grant Program
• Distributed a Community Resource Guide via Postcard Mailer
Plainfield Post Newsletter to customers and Mask Drive Thru Pick-up (Utility Bill Insert)
• Produced the following videos: Town Leadership Message to ResidentsMask Up PlainfieldIt’s Our Shot PlainfieldSupport Local PlainfieldPlainfield Back to Work
• Resolution waiving certain procedures and formailites during a disaster emergency
• Executive order directing the use of town resources to provide community assistance
• Executive order complying with the Governor’s Stay at Home Order
• Resolution regarding the deposit of funds and approval of claims in response to the State Board of Accounts State Examiner Directive 2020-1
• Passed an ordinance giving emergency authority to the town council president
• Issued an Executive Order declaring a local emergency and directing non-essential town employees to go on paid leave
• Adopted a resolution amending the Employee Handbook to include Emergency Work Interruptions


• Issued Executive Order
• Amended the Salary Ordinance to include Stay Home Pay
• Created COVID-19 Landing Page for the city
• Held Joint Press Conference with County, City, and Health Officials


• Suspended any and all non-essential spending via interoffice memorandum


• Suspended sewer and water shut offs
• Delinquent accounts that have previously been suspended have been reinstated


• Due to the increase in COVID-19 cases, Mayor Long has closed Wabash City Hall until Monday, November 30, 2020.
Postponed all city public meetings and will re-evaluate on March 30, 2020
• Restricted Public Access to our city buildings in an effort to mitigate person to person interaction


• Released a memo with links to videos to help educate and inform employees regarding the COVID vaccine and asking for an acknowledgment for employees to sign and turn in to departments heads.
• Closed City Hall and all municipal buildings to the public through April 28, 2020
• All Parks & Recreation activities and programs are cancelled for the next eight weeks
• Added extra personal hygiene disinfection stations in all city buildings and social distancing was practiced
• Two public meetings held with social distancing and encouragement for press and public to view online streaming and archiving on Boxcast
• Passed salary amendment ordinance to allow Stay Home Pay for employees during declared emergency
• Issued an emergency proclamation declaring a Public Health Emergency on March 23, 2020
• On March 24, 2020, Mayor issued an executive order ordering all non essential employees and those essential employees who can do some of their work at home to stay at home


• Town Hall and all town facilities are closed until April 5, 2020
• Essential work will continue
• Utility paymes are advised to use a drop box or pay online


• Awarded grants through the Community Development Coporation to local businesses to help ease the burden of unplanned expenses and lost revenue incurred due to COVID-19, and position those businesses for growth and continued viability in the future.
• Zionsville Town Hall is closing again to the public beginning Monday, November 9
• Encouraging residents to spend an evening on their own porch for the Porch Party Zville event
• Hosted a joint news conference via Facebook, instead of in-person
• Urging people to practice social distancing
• Town Hall is closed and no meetings will be held

Local Governments in Other States

Canton, OH

• Contingency planning and adjustments in day-to-day operations
• Encouraging more transactions by email and less face to face
• Announced that they may restrict public events

Detroit, MI

• Pledged that there will be no water service interruption
• State will cover first 30 days
• After the first month, customers will be required to pay the $25 per month until the COVID-19 outbreak passes.

Menlo Park, CA

• Declared local emergency
• City facilities, including senior and childcare centers, are closed
• Suspended municipal programs

Newbury, MA

• Closed municipal facilities including Town Hall, Library, and the Council on Aging • Asking that all public meetings be cancelled or postponed

Renton, WA

• Proclamation of Local Emergency
• City Council meetings via teleconference
• Senior Activity Center closed except for the essential lunch program in the form of sack lunches

San Francisco, CA

• Banned events of more than 50 people at city facilities

• No community use of meeting rooms

• St. Patrick’s Day Parade postponed

San Pablo, CA

• Weekly events canceled for 30 days

• Limited lunch program

• Canceled yearly events for March and April 2020

York City, PA

• Declared a seven day state-of-emergency

• City Hall remains open

• Live streaming city meetings